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From Bryan Kearney <bkear...@redhat.com>
Subject RFC: Ivy Integration (Was RFC: Maven and the Java Build)
Date Mon, 29 Jun 2009 19:36:26 GMT
Taking what Aiden suggested. Here is a first cut at ivy integration. 
What this does is:

1) Require that every module have an ivy.xml file which is contains all 
the dependencies.
2) Defines a depVersions.properties file at the root project to control 
the actual version numbers.
3) Builds a pom file (DRY) with every build (see build/pom).

What this does not do is:

A) Use the local lib file. If the requirement is to check in every 
version, we could do that by refactoring the lib directory to be a mini 
ivy or maven repo.

Can folks please take a look at this patch and let me know what it 
misses from your requirements. To install it, please do the following:

I) Grab the latest from the repo.
II) Apply this patch from the first qpid directory.
III) Download the ivy 2.1.0rc1 jar from 
http://ant.apache.org/ivy/download.cgi and put it into the lib directory.
IV) From the java/common directory do an ant build. Inspect the ivy.xml 
file that is there. Also look at build/pom/qpid-common-0.5.pom
V) from the java/client directory do an ant build. Inspect the ivy.xml 
file and pom file. Note that this relies on qpid-common.
VI) Scan the rest of the files.. and ask any questions.


-- bk

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