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From Rafael Schloming <rafa...@redhat.com>
Subject build changes and pom generation
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2009 20:20:57 GMT
I've attached a patch that generates poms. It uses a script that takes 
as input the library dependencies for a given module, and outputs a pom 
file for the module. The script works by scanning a directory containing 
poms for maven metadata on the dependencies, and uses this metadata to 
build a pom for the module.

The patch also modifies the build system to place disposable build 
output underneath build/scratch. This is really unrelated to the pom 
change, however it was something we discussed doing a while back and 
staring at all the crud in the build dir as I was testing the pom patch 
provided some motivation for me to actually make the change.

The patch is fairly non-invasive, but I figured I'd give a heads up as 
it changes the location of the .class files underneath the build dir, 
and this may end up breaking certain dev environments.

Please give me a shout if there are any issues or objections, otherwise 
I'll commit this patch tomorrow.


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