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From Rafael Schloming <rafa...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: more build cleanup
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2009 12:47:12 GMT
Martin Ritchie wrote:
> 2009/7/8 Rafael Schloming <rafaels@redhat.com>:
>> A while back we talked about uncluttering the top level qpid/java dir by
>> moving *.testprofile and their related resources into a subdirectory. I've
>> got a change queued up that moves this stuff underneath
>> qpid/java/test-profiles.
>> Gimmie a shout if you think they should be elsewhere or if committing this
>> will mess you up in any way. If I don't hear anything I'll commit the change
>> later today.
> As long as we still use them in the same way -Dprofile=<name> then the
> files can live where anywhere, no objection from me.  :)

Yep, there's no change in usage, just location.

FYI, here is the before and after for the root java dir:


010ExcludeList                   ExcludeList
010ExcludeList-noPrefetch        external.testprofile
010ExcludeList-ssl               genpom
010ExcludeList-store             integrationtests
08ExcludeList                    java-derby.testprofile
08ExcludeList-nonvm              java.testprofile
08ExcludeList-nonvm.rej          junit-toolkit
08ExcludeList-nopersistence      junit-toolkit-maven-plugin
08ExcludeList.rej                KEYS
amqp.hdr                         lib
broker                           log4j-test.xml
broker-plugins                   loop
build                            management
build.deps                       module.xml
build.xml                        notes.txt
clean-dir                        patches
client                           perftests
client-java14                    plugins
common                           release-docs
common.xml                       resources
cpp.async.testprofile            stack.txt
cpp.cluster.testprofile          systests
cpp.noprefetch.testprofile       TAGS
cpp.prof.testprofile             tasks
cpp.ssl.testprofile              testkit
cpp.testprofile                  test-provider.properties
default-longrunning.testprofile  test_resources
default.testprofile              tools
doc                              XAExcludeList


broker          common.xml                  KEYS          resources
broker-plugins  derby.log                   lib           systests
build           doc                         management    TAGS
build.deps      etc                         module.xml    tasks
build.xml       genpom                      patches       testkit
client          integrationtests            perftests     test-profiles
client-java14   junit-toolkit               plugins       test_resources
common          junit-toolkit-maven-plugin  release-docs  tools


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