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From Andrew Stitcher <astitc...@redhat.com>
Subject First Qpid 0.6 Beta Release available for download and testing
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 00:53:30 GMT
Apologies for the long message, but there actually is a fair bit to say:

I've uploaded the artifacts for a 0.6 beta release to qpid.apache.org: 


Please download and test this release. No, really, please download and
at least look at it.

I've called it a beta because, it seems to me in the area that I know (C
++) and in the currently outstanding bugs it seems very usable.

I plan that every one should give this a good beating for 1-2 weeks and
then I'll spin a release candidate, or if there are many problems found
and fixed a beta2.

So all being well I'd like to vote on releasing 0.6 in a couple of


The status of this beta:

My testing has been building the C++ tar source under various linux
platforms (using this release or very slightly earlier ones).
Essentially "configure; make check".

Fedora 11/Fedora 12 (these both tested with the same results):

Autotools build is fine including all broker modules. It doesn't seem
that the build as it stands in the C++ source release builds the qmf

Cmake build is mostly fine - however the clustering module doesn't build
due to a complication of recent versions of boost. And r886259 breaks
building the clustering tests (due to missing the new
tests/cluster.cmake from EXTRA_DIST)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5:

Autotools builds fine.

Cmake builds fine (but this was a slightly earlier release and this
would have been broken by r886259 as above). 

Debian 5 (lenny).

Neither the clustering module nor the XML module have their necessary
prerequisites so can't be built here.

Given this both autotools and cmake builds were fine.


Overall Release Status:

I've put up a page for the release on the wiki:


(don't use the mirror on qpid.apache.org as it won't have the
dynamically updated bug list)

Please edit the release page to add your understanding to it - it's a
little biased to the areas that I know about presently.

One area that needs attention is the Release notes, I appeal to you to
add any release notes to that wiki page and I will turn them into
something to put in the release itself. Otherwise the only release notes
will be for the C++ code and whatever I can get from the 0.6 fixed bugs.



I've removed the separate dotnet package from the release as it doesn't
build for me using the release script. More about this separately.

I've not packaged the wcf code separately as I've no idea how it should
look and I doubt I could build it under Linux anyway.

I'm concerned there appear to be 5 13Mb eclipse plugins labelled for
various platforms - is this really necessary - it certainly took a long
time to upload and constitutes a large amount of space.


At this point I suggest that any bugs important enough to be fixed
before the 0.6 release should be tagged with "Fix version" 0.6 and be a
blocker or critical.

So if you find an issue that must be fixed before release then put it in
Jira like this.

Conversely if you know of a bug that is in this state that can be
resolved then resolve it poste haste.

I will assume that as long as there *any* bugs like this 0.6 release is



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