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From Rafael Schloming <rafa...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Move documentation to svn / DocBook?
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 17:08:23 GMT
Jonathan Robie wrote:
> On 12/02/2009 07:31 AM, Rafael Schloming wrote:
>> In the spirit of getting this done quickly I think it makes sense to 
>> do this in two steps. First get the current content translated into 
>> SVN so that the output matches what we currently have on the website, 
>> and then worry about refining the organization/structure/source-layout 
>> later. I'd hate to see the former stall on a discussion of the latter.
> A lot of what is on the web site involves design notes or descriptions 
> of earlier states - I'd like to focus on things that describe how the 
> existing release actually works, and ignore the rest.
> Ideally, I'd like to improve the organization when moving to DocBook, 
> but in the first take, I think we need to identify the most important 
> documents and focus on them. Currently, I don't think we really have a 
> set of documentation for each broker, or a tutorial for the client APIs. 
> But these seem like the most crucial documentation to start with.
> A "first take" on the documentation for each broker might simply contain 
> the information pointed to in 
> http://qpid.apache.org/amqp-messaging-broker-implemented-in-c.html and 
> http://qpid.apache.org/amqp-messaging-broker-implemented-in-java.html. 
> But I'd like to see each of these quickly get better organized.
> What else would you like to see in svn? A priority list would be good.

I meant the *documentation* on the web site, not the entire web site. 
Basically everything currently under here:


It's not really a priority for me to mess with any of the non 
documentation web site content.


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