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From James Mansion <ja...@mansionfamily.plus.com>
Subject Re: Accepting large contributions (was Re: 10000 msgs limit per session)
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 22:11:20 GMT
Aidan Skinner wrote:
> It's particularly important where we're importing something which
> duplicates (fully or partially) existing functionality, if only so
> that the situation is sufficiently clear to people trying to make an
> informed decision about what best suits their needs.
Perhaps the QPID project itself could focus on just C++ for all the 
protocol handling and use swig (or similar) to create wrappers, so the 
code volume to support multiple client languages will be much smaller.  
Then native clients can be completely independant projects.

AMQP is supposed to be interoperable on the wire: there shouldn't be a 
requirement for QPID to provide a lot of native client support, though 
some scripting (for some definition of that term) is clearly handy for 
testing etc.


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