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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: C++ usage of CopyOnWriteArray : background; adding federation for the HeadersExchange
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 21:31:17 GMT
On 12/22/2009 02:59 PM, Sam Joyce wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm fairly new to the list, about 3 working weeks, so if I get a few
> terms wrong, please bear with me!
> I'm doing work on adding federation support for the HeadersExchange and
> the XMLExchange, Headers first, and then once that's complete, XML
> Exchange will follow as its basically the same pattern.
> There were basically several issues to address: (HeadersExchange)
> 1) adding support for dynamic bindings
> 2) updating the code to allow the qpid-route command to be used to
> create routes between exchanges of type "headers" (support for fedOps
> etc.) e.g. after creating a "link" the following cmd should work:
> "qpid-route dynamic add localhost:5673 localhost:5672 amq.match"
> 3) updating the code to allow for the federated propagation of the
> additional headers/args used in creating the binding, (x-match plus the
> actual binding headers) so that messages are correctly propagated
> between brokers. test case for this is producing messages to one broker,
> and reading them from the other. I'd attach examples, but I understand
> attachments get stripped on this list :( I do have a patch of WIP if
> anyone's interested, that I can mail directly. Note: its heavy with
> trace statements so definitively WIP.
> 4) updating the code to propagate unbind() operations
> 5) adding support for reOrigion when things get a bit flappy. (flappy is
> a tech term :) )
> I've had good success so far, and have successfully completed 1), 2) &
> 3) in that messages are now being federated across instances of header
> exchanges in multiple brokers.
> But I need to implement the unbind and reOrigion cases for completeness
> before I can submit a proper patch. both of these cases require a lookup
> of an existing binding and updating the details of their associated
> fedBinding instances. In the headers exchange, unlike the
> Direct/Topic/Fanout exchanges, there needs to be a 1:1 affinity between
> a binding and a fedBinding. These other exchanges use a simple match
> based on either a match pattern or a routingKey.
> I've had some discussion with some folks on this already off list, but I
> wanted to get some feedback from a wider audience, as I've only been in
> this code for for a short time. So here goes:
> The current headers Exchange uses a CopyOnWriteArray (def in
> cpp/src/qpid/sys) There are several examples of using this class in the
> exchange context; the DirectExchange. However, my case is slightly
> different as I believe I need to be able to do a lookup for an existing
> binding using more that just a simple bindingKey.
> The HeadersExchange (like the XML exchange), for anyone who's not been
> near that code recently, uses matching during a route() call based on
> the args/headers rather than a simple key or match pattern string.
> so: In the HeadersExachnge
> 1) during the bind() call, a bindingKey is passed in, is this key of any
> value at all? i.e. is there always a 1:1 affinity between a bindingKey
> and a successful binding. Can I use this key for a successful retrieval
> of the associated binding. looking at the impl of route() this doesn't
> appear to be the case; its not even used in that method.
> 2) I've not been able to find any examples of a usage of a CopyOnWrite
> array where a lookup is done and an element is then updated. That is,
> all the lookup's appear to be const; meaning I can't update them.
> For the federated unbind case I need to be able to lookup up an element
> of a CopyOnWriteArray, and update the contents of its fedBinding. So
> having access to a const element isn't of much use. here's my BoundKey
> and Bindings defns et. al.:
> struct BoundKey
> {
> Binding::shared_ptr binding;
> FedBinding fedBinding;
> BoundKey(Binding::shared_ptr binding_) : binding(binding_) {}
> };
> typedef qpid::sys::CopyOnWriteArray<BoundKey> Bindings;
> Bindings bindings;
> So, has anyone used a CopyOnWriteArray to retrieve an element and then
> update it? All the uses I've been able to find so far are read only, so
> a const retval is ok in those cases.
> I need to be able to do a lookup and get a non-const reference that I
> can update.
> I tried the following, but keep getting a bunch of const related
> compiler errors:
> HeadersExchange::BoundKey*
> HeadersExchange::findIfExists(Queue::shared_ptr queue, const
> std::string& key, const FieldTable* args)
> {
> BoundKey * bk = 0;
> Bindings::ConstPtr p = bindings.snapshot();
> if (p.get()){
> for (std::vector<BoundKey>::iterator i = p->begin(); i != p->end(); ++i)
> if (((*i).binding->queue == queue) && ((*i).binding->key == key) &&
> equal((*i).binding->args, *args)) {
> bk = &(*i);
> break;
> }
> }
> }
> return bk;
> }
> I also thought about having a fn() that return a bool and takes an inout
> param of type BoundKey&. Tried that and still got const compiler issues.
> If anyone can give me a hand, I'd really appreciate it!

The goal of CopyOnWriteArray is to provide low-locking thread safety. The idea 
is that if you want to modify the array you actually create a new copy and 
modify that, leaving the old copy in place for any threads that are still using 
it. So you definitely don't want to get a non-const reference to an existing 
element and modify it in place - those compile errors are protcting you :)

As it stands you could do
    if (array.remove_if(...)) array.add(...)

If there's a performance issue with doing it in two steps like that you'd need 
to add a new function to copy and mutate the array, I'd have to think a bit as 
to the best signature for such a thing.


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