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From Robbie Gemmell <robbie.gemm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [java] How could I run the interop tests under the integrationtests module
Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:16:54 GMT
Hi Rajith,

To process to run the tests is:
1. Start a broker
2. Start at least 2 interop TestClient's (details below)
3. Run the Coordinator to initiate testing using a specified InteropTestCase

I only know of current TestClients for the Java and 0-8 .net clients,
the C++ TestClient was apparently never updated after the move to 0-10
and got removed a while back. I have never done anything with the 0-10
.net client so Im not sure if anything exists there or not, but I
expect it doesnt due to the lack of a C++ 0-10 TestClient and
historical lack of 0-10 support in the Java broker.

The 0-8 .net TestClient also doesnt implement all of the TestCases (it
supports 3 of the 5, but I cant remember which right now, im sure its
obvious from the source though, or you can just run them) and so
opts-out of the others. As a result, you currently need 2 Java
TestClient's (eg different versions) or an old C++ one to do those
tests since each test run uses 2 clients at a time and tests the
various combinations. To run multiple Java TestClient's you should
supply the -n argument to give them differnet names (defaults are
java, dotnet, and cpp I think)

The .net TestClient is built at dotnet/bin/mono-2.0/debug/TestClient.exe

Starting the Java TestClient (from the build dir):
java -Dlog4j.configuration=etc/perftests.log4j
-Damqj.logging.level=debug -cp "lib/*"
org.apache.qpid.test.framework.distributedtesting.TestClient -n <name>

Starting the Coordinator (from the build dir):
java -Dbroker=external -Dbroker.config=/dev/null -cp "lib/*"
org.apache.qpid.test.framework.distributedtesting.Coordinator --xml -e
interop -o . -n interop <testcase>

The --xml flag tells it to output XML results, and -o sets where it
outputs the files. The -D properties are there because the Coordinator
is a descendant of QpidTestCase (but it seems doenst need to be,
QPID-2164) and so needs those to get round current QTC behaviour.

The possible testcases to run the Coordinator with are:


2009/12/16 Rajith Attapattu <rajith77@gmail.com>:
> Hi All,
> Could you anybody please help with some instructions on how to run the
> interop tests under the integration module?
> A bit more insight into how it could be run and what exactly it does
> would be useful.
> This info could help me figure out if these tests could be automated
> to catch any regressions.
> Regards,
> Rajith Attapattu
> Red Hat
> http://rajith.2rlabs.com/
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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Apache Qpid - AMQP Messaging Implementation
Project:      http://qpid.apache.org
Use/Interact: mailto:dev-subscribe@qpid.apache.org

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