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From Rajith Attapattu <rajit...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Move documentation to svn / DocBook?
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 14:56:23 GMT
> I too am a huge +1 on this as being able to tie docs to releases would
> be great. It would also make it much easier for users to contribute
> patches to the docs.
> What were the thoughts about presenting the docbook on our website? As
> Aidan mentioned there is a forrest site in svn which could server as
> an example for doing the same on trunk.

Most projects will upload an HTML version of the documentation for the
latest release (and the last 2 or 3 releases) into their website
folder and link it from the main page.
The release artifacts will include docs in HTML or pdf. I assume that
was your expectation ??

Website Option 1
As for the website, Forrest seems more than adequate.
More complicated websites/documentation have been handled easily with Forrest.
However it seems a bit difficult to get going and it maybe an overkill
for us? Aidan what do you think?

Website Option 2
Another idea is for us to isolate all the frequent changing content
into the docbook format and under the doc folder.
The rest of the pages like the Main page, Mailing Lists, Source
Repository, Getting Involved, People page etc... is fairly static.
So we could have a static set of web pages for the above.
Then we could get some help from a graphics guy to create a nice theme
for us with style sheets.
We could apply that theme to our static web pages and our docbook
generated documentation.
This would give our website a much needed facelift in a fairly easy way.
The static webpages and style sheets should live under svn as well (We
could have a top level folder called website).
qpid.apache.org will be pointed to our main index.html
The confluence wiki will be use for what it's designed for rather than
as a website. Our main page will contain a link to the wiki.
I have seen this approach work well in other open source projects.

Website Option 3
Yet another idea is to see how we could apply some style sheets to
confluence to make it look pretty.
I googled this a bit but didn't find much info. Anybody else
researched this area?

My personal preference is Option 2. And my least favourable option is Option 3.



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