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From "Robbie Gemmell" <robbie.gemm...@quasareclipse.co.uk>
Subject QMan JMX / 0.6 RC3 issue
Date Mon, 11 Jan 2010 21:02:39 GMT
Hey all,

I was just trying out the QMan bundle from 0.6 RC3, and I'm having some
problems getting the standalone JMX side of it to do much of anything.

If I edit the etc/qman-config.xml file to uncomment the broker config, start
QMan using the qman-wsdm-start.sh script, and then connect JConsole to the
QMan process I can see the QMan Service MBean plus MBeans representing the
queues etc. I can see the management queues it created on the C++ broker
using qpid-tool, and the QMan web management console starts up and I can
browse it (although it's not at the exact address noted in the

If I start QMan using the bin/qman-jmx.sh script it starts up, I get the
expected 'press q to quit' message, the QMan Service MBean is shown if I
connect using JConsole, but beyond that it doesn't seem to want to do
anything. No additional MBeans to represent the managed objects, no
management queues visible in qpid-tool. I downloaded the 0.5 bundle and it
seems much the same [tested with the 0.6 RC3 broker, that is].

I haven't used QMan at all before so I'm possibly just missing a step, but
as far as I can see I'm doing what the docs say. Anyone got any experience
using it? Rajith, I see you have modified the JMX startup script at various
points, any tips?


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