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From Andrea Barisani <and...@inversepath.com>
Subject qpid ruby client issues
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 18:39:21 GMT


I'd like to report an issue with the ruby-qpid client, version 0.5. Due to
the way function arguments are treated/overrided in the driver it is
currently impossible to issue the following command:

session.exchange_declare(name, :type => 'fanout')

as the :type variable is shadowed within qpid/datatypes.rb struct method.

A quick workaround is changing the xml spec with a different name (nasty
though) and everything works.

I tried to fix the driver but the fact that it's a python port doesn't help
the rubyist in me ;), the code is hard follow and I'd rather not mess it up.

As I know ruby fairly well though I'd be happy to help the maintainer in any
way I can.

Additionally I also wonder the meaning of the following statements in
lib/qpid/spec010.rb :

# XXX: workaround for ruby bug/missfeature
Reference = Reference
Loader = Loader

This doesn't look right, it seems to me that whatever issue triggered this
fixed it can be done "properly".

Anyway thanks a *lot* to the author of this plugins as it's the only piece of
ruby software which allows us to use AMQP 0-10 :).


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