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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: C++ and Java Broker common configuration and tooling
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 10:21:19 GMT
On 01/04/2010 04:27 PM, Robert Godfrey wrote:
> Happy New Year all...
> So, at the start of this new year I think it is important that we try to
> focus on improving the experience of our project... and in particular I
> think we should be looking at making the project look like a single coherent
> whole.

I agree, that is a valuable goal.

> Currently the Java and C++ Brokers look and behave almost completely
> differently, and I think we all should be trying hard to remedy that
> situation.
> The first step in my grand plan to fix this was obviously implementing AMQP
> 0-10
> The next task I set myself was to investigate how we can use a single set of
> management and configuration tools across the two brokers such that the user
> experience is common.
> To that end I have spent the last couple of weeks implementing a prototype
> QMF management layer in the Java Broker, attempting to use the same
> management schema as used by the C++ broker.  Further I have implemented the
> required methods to enable federation between Java and C++ (and to use the
> same tools to set it up) - both static and dynamic routing has been
> implemented.

Excellent, thanks for your hard work! (I feel suitably embarrassed 
having spent the last two weeks eating and sleeping!)

> Once trunk is unfrozen I will be able to apply my patch that provides for
> qpid-tool, qpid-route et. al to work against the Java Broker.
> In implementing QMF Management and Federation I have come up against a
> number of obstacles caused by assumptions built in to the QMF management
> schema that are based on the behaviour of the C++ broker (e.g. that it
> doesn't support multiple vhosts),  I also have a number of
> questions/comments on the schema as a whole.  I've collected all these on
> the following wiki page:
> http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/qpid/Broker+Management+QMF+Coverage
> I would be grateful if those familiar with the C++ broker and it's
> management could answer some of the questions therein... Further I would
> like to get feedback on my comments and suggestions for additions to the
> management capabilities.  From those more familiar with the Java management
> capabilities - a review to point out any other capabilities that cannot be
> carried out through QMF would be very helpful.
> In terms of next steps in uniting the user experience:
> 1) I think we need to collectively agree on how we can update the management
> schema to work fully with the Java Broker and hopefully to expand its
> coverage to that it encompasses everything that can currently be performed
> by the Java JMX management solution.
> 2) I will be trying to put together a wiki page of all the "extensions" to
> AMQP that the brokers currently implement (e.g. arguments to queue/exchange
> declare, bind,subscribe, etc...).  ultimately we should try to unify these
> as well - and also to define a mechanism so that clients can detect on
> connection which extensions are available.
> Beyond the configuration and management work I've started already, the
> biggest gap is probably ACLs - and I've not looked at all at that yet.
> Overall I think with a bit of work from both the C++ and Java communities we
> can get the brokers to look and behave much more similarly... however we
> will also need to change the way we work a bit so that when we decide to add
> new features we attempt to discuss and agree before implementing. It will do
> no good to get the brokers temporarily aligned if they immediately begin to
> drift apart again.
> Your thoughts?

Thanks for taking the lead on this! I think this would greatly benefit 
to the Qpid community.

(I have filled in some detail on the c++ extensions and added a few 
comments/answers on the management coverage page to begin with).


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