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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Test suite vs optional xml config
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 11:14:17 GMT
On 01/04/2010 06:41 PM, john dunning wrote:
> I'm squiffing up qpid-config to add the ability to configure xml
> exchanges and queue bindings.  I'm trying to add stuff to the test suite
> (cpp/src/tests/cli_tests.py and related) to match.
> The difficulty I have right now is that the xml support is optional.  If
> you didn't configure for xml and load the module when you started the
> broker, you don't get xml support, and my test case flames out.
> It's not too hard to make the wrapper script (run_cli_tests) sense the
> presence of the module and only optionally add the --load-module arg.
> Presumably something analogous could be done on windows as well.  It's
> less clear to me how to make the test code sense that the environment is
> sans-xml and DTRT.
> Possibilities which come to mind:
> 1.  Trap the error (about xml being unhandled) and ignore it
> 2.  Move the xml test out into a separate module, and only invoke it if
> we're configured the right way.
> 3.  Interrogate the broker to ask him if he does xml (is this even
> possible?)
> Anybody care to express an opinion on the cleanest way to make the test
> suite seamlessly accomodate xml support?  TIA...

Just a suggestion:

The run_cli_tests script uses the qpid-python-test tool which allows an 
ignore file to be specified. So you could detect the availability of the 
module and load it if available as you say, and if not available specify 
an ignore file that excludes the xml exchange related tests.

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