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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: WCF/C++ client feature work for 0.7
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 12:18:40 GMT
Thanks for the info, Cliff! You've done some great work on this.

On 02/04/2010 07:54 PM, Cliff Jansen (Interop Systems Inc) wrote:
> The existing 0.6 version of the WCF/C++ client provides basic WCF
> functionality.  Its most significant additional feature is distributed
> transaction support for enterprise applications.  The WCF channel
> portion relies on the well tested and high performance C++ native
> client libraries for most of the logic at the transport and session
> layers.  The current status and future wish list are summarized in the
> top-level ReadMe.txt file.

I'd be keen to hear more of your thoughts an opinions on the new API for 
the c++ client. Though the existing 0-10 specific API will remain, I 
anticipate improvements and added features via the new API (producer 
flow control for example, and it already has built in reconnection and 
replay logic).

> The long term goal of the WCF channel is to provide .NET programmers
> with a full featured AMQP messaging client.  To maximize adoption, it
> uses the same programming model used by the Microsoft WCF channel
> implementations for messaging over MSMQ and over WebSphere MQ.  To
> maximize functionality, it incorporates or has planned features for
> AMQP specific capabilities (such as local transactions which will
> require some magic to associate separate WCF channels with a single
> AMQP session).
> A further goal is to maximize the interoperability of the WCF channel
> with other AMQP clients by providing full access to AMQP types in
> message headers and the message body.  In 0.6 it is possible to
> exchange int and string properties between JMS and WCF clients.  Text
> and binary content can also be shared between clients as demonstrated
> by the WcfPerftest sample program.  Expanding this to include all JMS
> message properties and supporting AMQP map messages is proposed as a
> high priority improvement for the WCF channel in the 0.7 timeframe
> (consistent with the goals of QPID-2226).

It would be worth seeing if we can get better alignment between the 
examples for all languages. That's a great way to demonstrate the basic 
interoperability and is especially helpful when for clients with quite 
different programming models.

Documentation of some form would be really great (even if its links 
elsewhere) on that front also. The samples are really quite different to 
those for the other clients. I don't have previous experience of WCF, 
and it may be more obvious to those that do. Even there though some 
description of the mapping of WCF to AMQP would be important.

I notice for example you use uris that look similar to the JMS "binding 
urls". Is the same syntax supported? There are some usability issues 
with that format (in my opinion), especially when using more complex 

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