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From Justin Ross <jr...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Publish generated docs with svnpubsub?
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2010 19:22:18 GMT
On Mon, 26 Apr 2010, Jonathan Robie wrote:

> I just spent some time talking Joe Schaefer on #asfinfra, and he suggests 
> that we use svnpubsub to publish our DocBook, ePydoc, and doxygen documents. 
> svnpubsub uses a client-side daemon to listen for svn updates, and checks 
> them out to the desired directories on the web server.
> Disadvantages:
> If someone else checks in generated documents, it can mess up your 
> dependencies, so you have to delete, update, and regenerate. That's annoying, 
> and confusing the first time it hits you, but not difficult.
> Advantages:
> Publishing is simple and instant - you check a generated document in, and it 
> shows up on the Web.
> URLs can be mapped to any desired directory structure.
> They recommend that we create a parallel directory to check in files that are 
> published to the web site, in the same way this is done for the xdocs 
> project. That way, the dependencies problem only bites people who actually 
> publish to the web site. Joe says this is the same way they do it for the 
> www.apache.org site.
> Does this sound like a plan?

Shuttling generated docs through subversion seems unnecessary.  Any script 
that can check for a change in a generated document can just as easily 
check for a change in a source document.  The only difference after that 
is performing the generation, true?


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