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From Justin Ross <jr...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Publish generated docs with svnpubsub?
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2010 19:40:09 GMT
On Mon, 26 Apr 2010, Jonathan Robie wrote:

> On 04/26/2010 03:22 PM, Justin Ross wrote:
>> Shuttling generated docs through subversion seems unnecessary.  Any script 
>> that can check for a change in a generated document can just as easily 
>> check for a change in a source document.  The only difference after that is 
>> performing the generation, true?
> I discussed this with #asfinfra earlier today. They won't run our build 
> system on their server. Their system is happy to copy a generated file over 
> when we check it in, but not to build the system itself.
> Here's an excerpt from our conversation:
> <jrobie> i.e., instead of checking in the artifacts, i check in a makefile or 
> ant file that builds the artifacts, it has to run on my system, you run it on 
> the client and then copy the artifacts over?
> <joes4> no
> <joes4> you're not running arbitrary programs on our frontline webserver
> <joes4> we don't even allow cgi
> <joes4> telling me you won't blame me for your mistakes doesn't help
> <jrobie> so installing, say, xslt, docbook, fop, doxygen, epydoc ... that's 
> not going to happen
> <joes4> the public will always blame the asf
> You can try to convince Joe ;->

I think avoiding running programs on the frontline webserver is perfectly 
reasonable.  However, I don't think that quite argues against a script.

We just need to figure out (A) where to run it and (B) how to schlep the 
results.  B is the more important one, since it's not too hard to scare up 
some cycles.

If we can't find satisfactory options for A and B, then I agree that using 
subversion is more attractive.  (Not really attractive, per se.  More like 
disgusting in a way that I can live with.)


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