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From Alan Conway <alan.t.con...@gmail.com>
Subject Unused #ifdef symbols in import-export headers?
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 18:58:01 GMT
In the various ImportExport.h headers we #define dllimport/dllexport macros for 
windows based on the following conditionals:

./include/qpid/console/ConsoleImportExport.h:24:#if defined(CONSOLE_EXPORT) || 
defined (qmfconsole_EXPORTS)
./include/qpid/client/ClientImportExport.h:24:#if defined(CLIENT_EXPORT) || 
defined (qpidclient_EXPORTS)
./include/qpid/messaging/ImportExport.h:24:#if defined(CLIENT_EXPORT) || defined 
./include/qpid/CommonImportExport.h:24:#if defined(COMMON_EXPORT) || defined 
./include/qmf/engine/QmfEngineImportExport.h:24:#  if defined(QMF_EXPORT) || 
defined (qmfengine_EXPORTS)
./include/qmf/QmfImportExport.h:24:#  if defined(QMF_EXPORT) || defined 
./src/qpid/broker/BrokerImportExport.h:24:#if defined(BROKER_EXPORT) || defined 

As far as I can tell, the first symbol in each case (CONSOLE_EXPORT, 
CLIENT_EXPORT etc.) is never defined anywhere in the cmake or the automake build 
system. The second symbol (qpidcommon_EXPORTS etc.) is defined in the cmake 
generated makefiles.

So does the first symbol actually have a purpose? If not can I remove it and 
just make the tests:
  #if defined (qmfconsole_EXPORTS)

I'm trying to understand the setup so I can introduce some visibility 
declarations for gcc, don't want to step on anything.


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