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From "Steve Huston" <shus...@riverace.com>
Subject RE: Version and icon resources for Qpid cpp executables on Windows
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2010 21:25:18 GMT
Hi Chuck,

> I'd like to add minimal resources, such as a version number 
> and an icon, to windows executables and dlls produced by 
> qpid-cpp. I see two paths to this goal and would like your 
> opinion on how to get there.
> 1. Add minimal.rc and a qpid.ico files to each project.
>   * CMake commands are propagated through to the Visual 
> Studio projects.
>   * Version and Icon resources are compiled into resulting files.
> 2. Compile the files as they are today with no version nor 
> icon resources.
>   * Post-build procedures patch the needed resources into the 
> exe and dll files.


> Option #1 makes it harder for consumers of the qpid source 
> pool to get the version info straight from raw checkout. The 
> procedure would probably be to check out the sources but then 
> lay down the specific file versions for the build before the

I don't understand the need for laying down pieces by hand here. This
should all be automatable during the build.
> compile phase. Once the sources are in place, however, the 
> compiler does it's job and trustworthy images are built.
> Option #2 is easier to create the exe or dll from raw 
> checkout. But then you have to trust your patch tool to do 
> the right thing.

And you would probably need to hand-edit something for the build, yes?
If so, that would be a source of errors at build time.

> I'm leaning toward option #2. It places the burden of adding 
> the resources only on projects that need them and not on 
> everyone. Is there a best-practice method to address this problem?

I'm not a release-engineering expert, but automation == good in my book.
Until I learn more about the pitfalls you've encountered or anticipate,
I'd lean to #1.


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