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From Andrew Kennedy <andrewinternatio...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: New Plug-in Architecture for the Java Broker
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 09:30:05 GMT
On 30 June 2010 03:42, Danushka Menikkumbura
<danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com> wrote:
> Devs,
> Any other idea on this?. Please provide your feedback.
> Thanks,
> Danushka
> Hi Sorin,
>> I am not saying OSGi does not fit into the broker. Undoubtedly we should
>> OSGi-fy the broker at some point. That will add modularity, multiple version
>> support, hot deployment/update, etc into the broker. What I am saying is
>> that the way OSGi is used in the current plug-in architecture does not add
>> any value from an OSGi point of view. We have rather used the service
>> registry facility in OSGi to register and look up services (i.e. plug-in
>> factories in this case).

Hi Danushka,

I think I agree with Sorin here. I don't think we gain anything by
moving away from the OSGi plugin architecture we have now - it has
been in place for a long time, and works well. As far as I can see, we
would just end up rewriting much of the functionality that Felix
provides for us already, which seems like a waste of resources, unless
there is another benefir I haven't seen. I agree that *some* further
refactoring of the plugin interfaces would be nice - perhaps making
them paramaterised by their configuration class, and using generics a
little better in the factories and activators, such that we could have
a single parent abstract factory, activator and plugin that would be

I will comment separately on the issue you raised about re-factoring
(QPID-2705), but perhaps if you gave more details on the issue you
mentioned in your message of 22 June 2010 10:34 (PluginManager OSGi
Framework) we could start to work towards getting Felix running inside
another OSGi framework. I can see no technical reason why an OSGi
BundleContext cannot be loaded as a child of another BundleContext,
i.e. Felix embedde4d inside Equinox or Spring dm or whatever. Do you
have a stack trace or some more logs that you could attach to a new

-- andrew d kennedy ? edinburgh : +44 7941 197 134

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