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From "Robbie Gemmell" <robbie.gemm...@gmail.com>
Subject [DRAFT] Apache Qpid 0.8 released !
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 00:17:03 GMT
Hi everyone,

Here is a draft for the 0.8 release announcement to our users list and

I would like to send the final email out within 36hrs, so please chip in
with any feedback you might have before then.


The Apache Qpid community is happy to announce the immediate availability of
Apache Qpid 0.8

Apache Qpid (http://qpid.apache.org) is a cross platform Enterprise
Messaging solution which implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
(AMQP, http://www.amqp.org). It provides brokers written in C++ and Java,
along with clients for C++, Java JMS, .Net, Python, and Ruby.

Apache Qpid 0.8 can be downloaded now from our website:

This release contains many bug fixes and stability improvements over
previous release and we recommend that all users upgrade. Some features of
note in the release are:

* Qpid Messaging API support for the C++ and Python clients.
* .Net Binding for the C++ Qpid Messaging API, an intermediary program
designed to make access to C++ Qpid Messaging methods simple and in a way
familiar to the programmer. The .NET Binding creates and manipulates actual
C++ Qpid Messaging API objects so that a .NET program will operate the same
as if it were written in native C++.
* New hybrid SQL-CLFS persistence module for the C++ broker on Windows.
* Improved 0-10 support for the Java broker.

A complete list of the features/reported issues addressed in this release
can be found here: http://qpid.apache.org/release_notes_0.8.html

Apache Qpid - AMQP Messaging Implementation
Project:      http://qpid.apache.org
Use/Interact: mailto:dev-subscribe@qpid.apache.org

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