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From Andrew Kennedy <andrewinternatio...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Eclipse project files for Java code
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2010 16:58:30 GMT
On 21 Dec 2010, at 10:54, Marnie McCormack wrote:
> Hi All,
> This discussion is something worthy of its own thread with a  
> meaningful
> subject name on dev.
> There are quite a few opinions out there on the subject and likely  
> requires
> a vote to make major changes.
> We've been through so many build system re-writes that I don't have  
> much
> appetite for more. But I'm definitely not the voice of build - so a  
> full
> discussion would be best.


I have created a JIRA, QPID-2987, to track progress in attempting to  
replace Ant with Maven for the build system.


I would appreciate any comments or ideas on how best to rfey and  
implement this. I have taken note of the (large) number of early  
JIRAs pointing out problems with this approach, and will try not to  
replicate these. I am hoping that the latest version of Maven 2.2.1  
will mitigate many of these, anyway.

Obviously, this is not the only way to manage dependencies, and we  
still need to vote on whether to go ahead with the switch, and any  
changes I check in would *not* touch the existing Ant build  
infrastructure until we are all agreed on the way forward - this is  
purely a proof of concept to stimulate further discussion among the  
Qpid Java developers.

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