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From Robbie Gemmell <robbie.gemm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Qpid Improvement Process
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 15:49:36 GMT
I would like to see the existing toolset used properly before we think
about bringing another process into use, specifically JIRA. Having
recently undertaken the Release Manager role I now more fully
appreciate the pain those who have undertaken the process in the past
have gone through in this area.

JIRA is there to allow tracking issues and the related changes to the
code base, however at present JIRAs often aren't created at all, or
are simply created and then never updated/referenced. Just taking a
quick look back through recent commits, the vast majority don't
specify a JIRA in the commit log. If these actually have an associated
JIRA and it isn't sitting in the resolved state then how is anyone
looking at it meant to know whether it has actually been worked on? If
it was worked on then how is anyone interested (user or developer)
meant to know what changes were actually made in order to
fix/implement it? If there was a deep and meanigful discussion about a
change on a JIRA, how is someone meant to find it and vice versa?
Alternatively, if no JIRA at all was created how are people meant to
find out a problem was even fixed / feature added etc without
searching through the commits and knowing what to look for?

Not updating a JIRA to say its in progress / resolved / reopened etc
is one thing, but making it unnecessarily difficult / impossible for
anyone else to do so is another. Thanks to some additional prodding
from Justin I did actually get some help with the process eventually
for 0.8, but with those JIRAs I had to tidy up myself it took a lot
more work than it should have. I'm also sure there will be JIRAs that
have been pushed out to the next version during the release cycles but
have actually been actioned already, except it wasn't possible for
anyone to tell 6 months later.

I realise there are changes where it sometimes doesn't seem necessary
to make a JIRA (e.g. add a comment, correct a typo, update a readme,
etc) and I will admit to doing a commit without one on occasion, but
that is the vast minority of the time and should not be the norm for
anyone. Ideally we should just have a JIRA for everything, but we are
so bad at this as a community I would actually say we should have a
commit hook put in place to enforce presence of a JIRA tag in commit
logs to encourage the behaviour.


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