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From Justin Ross <jr...@redhat.com>
Subject Qpid 0.10 planning
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2011 16:45:32 GMT
Hi, everyone, and happy new year.

There's been some enthusiasm in the past about adopting a time-based
release policy for Qpid.  Other successful open-source projects have
done so, and it has some tangible benefits for developers and for our
users.  What's more, Qpid has matured to the point where a more
regular release cadence is possible.

I'd like to get us started.  Below is a proposed timeline for the
next qpid release.

The target release-to-release interval is four months.  Any major
feature that misses the integration window (now to 16 Feb in the 0.10
schedule) would have to wait for the next release at the end of July.
This is to ensure that disruptive changes land early and leave time
for stabilization.

It will initially be difficult to adjust to a compressed schedule.  On
the other hand, since releases are frequent, the consequences of
missing one are less severe.  In order to give all of us time to get
accustomed to working this way, I suggest we commit to two releases on
the four-month schedule, and after that reevaluate.

In a subsequent email I'll outline a candidate procedure for
documenting major new features.  This would be completely optional.

Finally, I'd like to volunteer to manage this release.  I look forward
to your comments!



Proposed Qpid 0.10 release plan


   16 Feb

     - Alpha
     - Trunk remains open
     - Feature integration ends
     - The alpha release tests the release process after the
       introduction of major features

   2 Mar, 2 weeks later

     - Beta
     - Branch for release (trunk remains open)
     - Release branch commits require approval
     - Release manager produces outstanding bug report, triages bugs

   16 Mar, 2 weeks later

     - RC1

   23 Mar, 1 week later

     - RC2

   30 Mar, 1 week later

     - RC3
     - Targeted release date

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