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From jr...@redhat.com
Subject Re: QIP proposal: Easy Broker Info
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 22:14:29 GMT
On Thu, 13 Jan 2011, Andrew Kennedy wrote:

> I would suggest a nice pluggable architecture. There would be a broker info 
> provider class, just like you suggested, which would be feeding into a one or 
> many publisheres. These could be, for example:
> * A '/var/lib/qpid/' filesystem driver on Linux
> * A 'C:\Documents and Settings\Qpid User\Local Settings\Application Data\' 
> filesystem driver for Windows
> * A Registry driver on Windows
> * An Active Directory driver on Windows Server
> * an SNMP MIB generator for systems with an SNMP agent
> * A JMX driver on the Java broker
> * A QMF driver for both Java and C++ brokers
> You could include a lot of information in the provider's dump and the 
> publisher plugins will decide what information to filter out of this and 
> select and how (and how often) to present it.

I think this is a different proposal to Mick's.

Yours is about adding indirection for the broker's internal mgmt event 
system, so you could for instance get a bunch of log output for mgmt 
events, or you could get them published as qmf events.

To my impression, Mick's is much smaller.  It's about a simple way to 
discover some basic info (and I'd argue it's strictly runtime configuration).


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