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From Andrew Kennedy <andrewinternatio...@gmail.com>
Subject Testing
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 01:44:14 GMT

I appreciate we are in a rush to get 0.10 ready to ship, however this  
is no excuse for letting testing slide.

I have seen several instances of changes that have caused multiple  
regressions under various test profiles, and this sort of thing will  
only increase as the number of combinations of profiles increases.  
Additionally, some commits have even prevented the project from  
compiling. I have done both of these things in the past myself,  
particularly with regards to the C++ test profiles, and this is one  
reason I spent so much time validating and testing my network code.

Can we all please make an effort to run at least the Java 0-8 and  
0-10 and the C++ profiles before committing changes, to give other  
developers confidence that any new test failures are caused by  
*their* code, not somebody else's?

One of my colleagues is working on increased unit test coverage via  
the introduction of mock objects, which will reduce our dependency on  
system tests and allow regressions to be found when testing  
individual components. I agree that this is the way forward, as our  
test coverage is far too low currently. However, I could not find out  
any solid metrics on coverage to provide as an example. I notice that  
although there is a Qpid instance on the Nemo server at Sonar (see  
link below) it does not give coverage metrics, although there is a  
*lot* of useful information there. Does anyone know how this could be  
fixed, or who in the project has access to configure this?


Additionally, I would be happy to set up and manage a CI build for  
Qpid on the ASF Hudson service. I believe the PMC chair just needs to  
grant access (see first link below) to the correct group. This would  
allow us to have a shared view of build and test statuses (see second  
link below) and more. I know many of us run our own private CI  
instances, but I think having a shared resource everyone in the  
project can refer to would be very useful.


I can raise a Qpid JIRA for this to track progress, if people approve  
of the idea?

-- andrew d kennedy ? do not fold, bend, spindle, or mutilate ;
-- http://grkvlt.blogspot.com/ ? edinburgh : +44 7582 293 255 ;

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