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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: "Attic" area in svn; any ideas? (was Re: [VOTE] Stop publishing release artefacts for unmaintained components (was Re: 0.10 release update - RC1 and status))
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2011 19:47:37 GMT
On 04/01/2011 02:03 PM, Steve Huston wrote:
> Hi Rob,
>> On 1 April 2011 18:19, Steve Huston<shuston@riverace.com>  wrote:
>>> You have to ask yourself, "How much time and effort am I willing to
>>> put into a component that's dead?" If it's something significant,
>>> leave it in an attic-type thing. If not, delete it.
>> I'm not sure that's really the question... the idea of an
>> attic is that it would be frozen.  The balance is really
>> between effort up front to move it there now, vs. potential
>> effort expended in trying to locate it again if it gets
>> brought back from the dead / if anyone is interested in looking at it.
>> I'm not sure that in either case we are really talking about
>> a sizeable effort.
> Right, probably not sizeable as in days of effort. But you need to think
> about responses to people who email the list with questions on it. If
> the pieces are deleted, the answer is "it's gone; if you want to dredge
> up the past instead of using the updated, supported stuff that works,
> please justify why someone should spend a few hours getting it back.
> Better yet, donate a bag of cash to ASF."
> If it's in the attic (or whatever place it's named) it's going to
> generate more questions because it's visible. Even if it's just "why is
> the .NET stuff gone? Are you MS haters?" that will need someone to
> respond to it. Or to continually explain why it's in the attic.

Delete it. Nobody's maintaining it and we have better alternatives on the 
project. If someone wants to work on these areas of functionality they should be 
working on the new stuff, keeping the old stuff is just confusing. If someone 
has a historical interest in the old stuff they can grab a 0.8 tarball, no 
effort required. If they want to track the history more closely, that's what SVN 
is for. However I don't think we should spend a lot more time thinking about how 
to cater to these hypothetical people of the future. One thing that's clear from 
this thread is that nobody is interested in this code now.

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