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From Robbie Gemmell <robbie.gemm...@gmail.com>
Subject Requests for inclusion in 0.14
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2011 16:39:57 GMT
Hi Justin,

I would like to request the following changes for the Java
client+broker be considered for 0.14:
QPID-3611, QPID-3610, QPID-3446, QPID-3592.

- IoReceiver calls shutdownInput on an SSLSocketImpl, which is not supported

This one makes the broker emit a nice stacktrace on every connection
close (amongst other things im sure) when using SSL. It was introduced
in 0.13 by us moving the IO layer away from MINA and then using
SSLSockets on the broker (unlike the client), which do not support
shutdownInput being called on them.

- set TCP_NODELAY true by default in the Java client to improve
general performance

As discussed on the list recently, setting this to false on the client
by default as we do causes numerous typical use cases to perform
terribly out of the box. (We have also unintentially changed its
default for 0-8,0-9,0-9-1 users by moving the client to a single IO
layer and ditching MINA).

- Deadlock observed during broker shutdown with simultaneous closing
of connection and attempted message delivery

Although this one was observed (multiple times) during broker
shutdown, it is possible for the issue to be replicated in other
conditions so I think we should get this in. The precise deadlock was
again tracked to changes made elsewhere during 0.13.

- Python test fails to receive more messages against the Java Broker
after sending message.stop and then issuing more credit

This one will afflicts the Java broker with a problem during continued
rollbacks/recovers by the client, as once they have rolled back
<prefetch size> messages they will simply recieve no more. This
existed prior to 0.13, but I think it is sufficiently simple and
compelling to warrant inclusion.


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