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From Rafael Schloming <rafa...@redhat.com>
Subject AMQP 1.0 Work
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 22:34:47 GMT
Hi Everyone,

As I'm sure a number of you are aware, there has been some early 
prototyping/devel work going on by a few qpid developers on a 1.0 
protocol implementation. Because of the early/experimental nature of the 
work we've not yet pulled it into the qpid tree, but things are far 
enough along now that we'd like to find a place for it. The goal of this 
work is not only to provide qpid support for AMQP 1.0, but also to 
provide a very portable, reusable, and embeddable protocol 
implementation that makes it easy to integrate AMQP 1.0 support into the 
widest possible range of existing software.

Keeping that in mind, I'd like to propose the following source layout to 
bring in this new work, starting from the QPID SVN root 


This directory structure is intended to provide a bunch of different 
things. For users interested in embedding AMQP 1.0 support into a C or 
Java project, the amp-c and amp-java directories would be the main entry 
points for each language respectively. The spec directory contains a 
language neutral specification for the protocol API and the 
implementation design should anyone wish to develop a similarly 
structured implementation in another language, or extend the existing 
implementations in any way. The test directory will contain a 
comprehensive set of python tests that can be shared between the C and 
Java implementations. The amp directory itself will be a top level entry 
point intended for qpid developers and will facilitate streamlined build 
and test of both implementations thereby ensuring they remain in sync as 
much as possible.

Currently the C implementation is hosted on github 
(https://github.com/rhs/amp) and Rob is tracking this pretty closely in 
Java. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions, 
obviously it's still work in progress and shouldn't be considered cast 
in stone at this point.

The name "amp" isn't cast in stone either. It's origin is simply AMQP 
minus the Queuing. Justin suggested "proton" as well. Any other 
suggestions are welcome, with the caveat that we'd like to get this 
checked in pretty soon as we have increasing numbers of people working 
together on this stuff now.

Please let me know your thoughts. We've discussed a milestone release 
for this stuff at the end of March, so obviously we'd like to get things 
into the tree ASAP. If I don't hear any objections, I'll submit 
something early next week.


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