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From "Darryl L. Pierce" <dpie...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: [Proton] ERROR amqp:connection:framing-error connection aborted
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2012 13:27:06 GMT
On Thu, Jul 05, 2012 at 05:51:05PM -0400, Rafael Schloming wrote:
> According to the log output you posted, the body of the loop is never
> running. Can you log the value that pn_connection_state is returning and
> verify that the test is working as expected? I don't recall offhand how
> exactly bitwise operators work in Ruby.

They work the same as in other languages, where:

while !(Cproton::pn_connection_state(sender.conn) & Cproton::PN_REMOTE_CLOSED)

should only return a true value if the bits expressed by
Cproton::PN_REMOTE_CLOSED are not all set in

The output you requested is:

mcpierce@mcpierce-laptop:ruby (Ruby-bindings) $ ruby -I
../../cmake/bindings/ruby/ post.rb test1 test2 test3 test4 test5 -m farkle
Cproton::pn_unsettled returns 0
Closing the connection.

So the connection state is 20 which is

#define PN_LOCAL_CLOSED (4)    /**< local endpoint is closed */
#define PN_REMOTE_ACTIVE (16)  /**< remote endpoint is active */

/me plays in IRB

And I learned something new about Ruby: !0 != true, but !!0 == true. I
replaced the previous call with:

while ((Cproton::pn_connection_state(sender.conn) & Cproton::PN_REMOTE_CLOSED) != Cproton::PN_REMOTE_CLOSED)

(which is pretty ugly and verbose) and the transaction doesn't exhibit
the previous errors.

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