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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject Configuration for security.
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 16:13:34 GMT
The problem:

1. Insecure defaults are, well, insecure.
2. Secure defaults cause confusion and support overhead esp. in dev/testing environments.
3. We need fine-grained security settings (e.g. "allow-plain-with-ssl") because security is

Here's what I would suggest:

Provide a top-level setting: "secure", default true.

If true, all the fine-grained security settings have secure defaults.
If false, all fine-grained security settings have permissive defaults.

This addresses the problems as follows:

1. We are secure by default.
2. User in a safe environment must set secure=off but that beats making them hit "allow-plain-with-ssl",
"require-sasl-if-no-ssl", "no-ssl-verison-3-on-full-moon" ... one by one. It is also very
clear that this is flat-out insecure. When the user is ready for security they will set secure=true
and be less surprised if they have to tweak other security settings.
3. We have fine-grained settings to selectively permit special things in secure mode for people
with special needs.


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