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From Ken Giusti <kgiu...@redhat.com>
Subject Can the next release of the C++ broker and tools be 1.0.0?
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2015 13:52:09 GMT

Given that we're able to release qpid-tools and qpidd broker independently for the API libraries,
isn't it about time we bestow the honor of a 1.0.0 version to these packages?

These packages do not offer a "public API" as the libraries do, so technically semantic versioning
rules don't apply. But those rules do define a major release of 0 (eg. 0.Y.Z) as being an
"initial development release".  Furthermore, that's the common public perception of any software
released with a 0.x.y version, IMHO.

For qpidd/tools - we're way, way beyond that.  qpidd/tools are mature to the point where existing
functionality is stable.  If we were to deprecate features, we'd want to increment the X factor
anyways, so at some point we really have to move beyond 0.x.y.

qpidd 1.0.0 shouldn't be in the same category as nuclear fusion or flying cars, right? 


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