I have run some performance testing measuring the throughput for sending, receiving and also both in parallel. Please see the image I attached (sending).

I have measured with three different message sizes (1024, 10240 and 102400 bytes). I am using from 1 to 20 threads for sending and the weird behaviour occurs when sending 102400 bytes messages. You can clearly see from the image that when I use 1-10 threads it is too slow and then suddenly it became much faster.

The strange is that this was not just one test case, I run it multiple times.

The same testing I performed on different brokers, but only Java broker has this behaviour.


Is there anything I might be missing? Any misconfiguration? I already tried to play with JVM memory and it looks like it has some impact to it…  When I increased the memory it became faster since 3rd thread…


Please note I was using asynchronous sending + non persistent delivery mode.


Best Regards


Antonin Vyborny



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