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From "Weibel, David C" <david.c.wei...@lmco.com>
Subject C++ Broker - Limiting Connections based on ProcId
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2019 22:59:25 GMT

I inherited an existing application leveraging the Apache QPid C++ broker.  According to my
those before me things have been working fine for years.  Although I'm starting to suspect
they were just lucky.

Recently I was tasked to migrate this application to docker/swarm.  The side effect of this
is that every client now in its own container and they each now have the procid/pid of 1.
 They do connect with unique client IP addresses to the broker though.

The problem I'm encountering is one the first client is allowed to connect.  (Within docker-compose
there was an open 'pid: host' which changed the pid assignment in the containers.  This allowed
more clients to start connecting.  Although this option is not available in docker/swarm.

This lead me to notice that things are working by luck in the real application.  When I client
attempts to connect to the broker with a procid/pid that is already connected if fails and
the process restarted which caused it to get a new procid/pid.  After awhile things would
stabilize and things would work.

I'm trying to understand how unique connection/sessions are identified?  I'm assuming we are
doing something wrong in the existing design related to this topic.  Any pointers are appreciated.



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