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From Justin Erenkrantz <jerenkra...@apache.org>
Subject [PATCH] Allow linking to Python framework
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 08:13:44 GMT
Okay, here's the caveat I mentioned in my previous post.  This really
isn't a mod_python issue, but an embedded python one.

Python doesn't allow embedding of the interpreter on Darwin due to
its use of bundles.  mod_python fails when 'import time' is called,
because by default time is built as a dynload shared object. However,
on Darwin, those are MH_BUNDLEs which are tied to a particular
executable - in this case, python.  Therefore, 'time' can't be
imported via mod_python since its executable is 'httpd.' But,
mod_python's apache module imports it.  So, I'm totally confused how
this ever worked.  *sigh*  (I have a hunch that I just deleted the
'import time' line before.)

The good news is that in Python HEAD (2.3a0), there's a new
dynload_next.c which is a substantial rewrite of the Darwin DSO code.
It emits the system error when a DSO load fails (2.2 emits a generic
non-helpful error message)!  As soon as I saw the error referring to
the bundles, the solution was obvious (you have no idea how long it
took me to get to this point).  I actually unknowingly duplicated
their code and was going to submit a patch when I saw that there was
already a rewrite on HEAD of python (hence, I just bumped up to

And, the framework support is much improved in HEAD cf. 2.2.  So, I'd
recommend that Darwin mod_python users bite the bullet and use Python
HEAD with a framework installation.  I really can't figure out how to
do it otherwise when the dynload modules are really MH_BUNDLEs
statically tied to 'python' binary.  There's no way what 2.2 is doing
can work for embedded interpreters on Darwin.

So, this simple patch allows for python built as a Darwin framework
to be recognized by mod_python.  This works for me with framework and
non-framework compiles.  Python places 'no-framework' as the value
when the framework isn't built regardless of platform.  -- justin

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