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From Sterling Hughes <sterl...@bumblebury.com>
Subject Re: Talking About PSP: Interface
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 20:11:57 GMT
On Thu, 2003-04-10 at 16:17, Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy wrote:
> My battery is a little too low right now to go through this - but in
> general (and this may be a point of contention I understand)...
> Many of these objects and functionalities do exist in mod_python, some
> could exist (but nobody wrote them yet, e.g. session), so it's important
> to keep it consistent across everything.

Yep, I saw.  I think session by the way is absolutely crucial to PSP, so
I'll definitely look at writing it.

> Here is potential point of disagreement - mod_python is Apache-specific
> (that's why its name begins with "mod_", and the project is called
> Apache/Python integration). This means that the structure is heavily
> influenced and inspired by httpd. This is quite different from vast
> majority of other projects out there that strive to be platform
> independent.
> IMHO apache is the best web server out there and will remain this way, and
> so to be as tightly linked to it as possible is a major advantage over all
> other server-independent solutions becuase they loose out on flexibility,
> scaleabilty and performance in order to sustain the level of abstraction.

That's certainly *not* my intention.  Let me be clear: This is designed
for Apache.  While the lexer will be made available for general
adoption, I'm focusing on apache, because, well, I don't work with any
other webserver (unless I'm serving images).  

> So, for example, this is why mod_python does not have a "response" object,
> even though in Zope/Java/PHP/ASP/etc world there is a response object.
> This is because the mod_python request object didn't come about as a
> result of concious design of a web platform, but rather it's a direct
> mapping to Apache's request_rec C structure, same is for server
> (server_rec) or connection (conn_rec).

Right.  And I think that's how it should be.  Mod_python is really quite
amazing to me, I didn't "get it," until you talked about how integration
could be done by adding a mod_python handler.  PSP however is concerned
more with the webpage portion of things, while mod_python (apache) is
concerned more with being a good server.  That's why I think the two
make a good pair.

> PSP can go two ways -
> 1. Siding on the cross-platform side, abstracting mod_python objects with
> its own object structure.
> 2. Reducing the abstraction level to niminum or none and just passing
> mod_python's objects directly to users.
> My preference is with (2), and this, again, stems from my philosphy that
> mod_python is only as portable as Apache (and apache is pretty portable).

You have no argument there.  My point in abstracting to response,
request, etc.  is not to abstract it away from apache (maybe that would
be useful, but I don't care about it. :)  Rather, I want to provide a
very simple API on top of the Apache stuff.  Maybe my design isn't that
simple, but that's what its there for.

Also note, that I wish for these abstractions to in no way conflict with
the core apache stuff.  That in my mind that *must* be available in
PSP.  I just wan't a very neat, relatively clean set of wrappers, which
make the functionality more comfortable/accessible.

> That is I made a concious decision not to get distracted by there ever
> being a Microsoft IIS version of mod_python (and if I ever were to make
> one, I'd charge at least $795 per copy) :-)

Ugh.  That's a good decision, you don't know pain until you've used


Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from 
bad judgement. 
    - Fred Brooks

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