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From "Jack Diederich" <jack_dieder...@email.com>
Subject Re: supporting modular mod_python extensions vs. "folding" mod_psp
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 16:41:18 GMT
Holy Cross Posting Batman!
I'm just replying to the proper forum (python-dev@apache)

From: Rimon Barr <barr@cs.cornell.edu>
> >> You should post this in the mod_python dev list as well; currenty there
> >> is discussion of mod_psp (python server pages) being folded into
> >> mod_python
> >
> >It's not in discussion, this already has happened... :-)
> Dear Grisha,
> I wanted to post earlier, but I didn't find the time. I find this
> "folding" to be a little troubling. Why not fold Zope into mod_python?
> Why not Spyce? Why not Roadkill? Why not Draco? Why not Cheetah, or
> WebWare?
>Should there be a modular
> extension and/or installation mechanism or should there be a "folding"
> for all willing projects? 

No need to freak out.  Per the original discussions of psp
it will be seperate enough so you can use the psp stuff in
a regular CGI or even to generate text offline altogether.

This would lend it to being generic enough that the same
hooks it uses could be used by any other templating engine.
IMO the reason psp was folded into mod_python and not
something else is just that the guy who did psp was willing
to put in some time and many people (mostly noobs) expect
a php-alike with thier mod_whatever.

So it solved a couple minor problems without adding any new
ones. No big deal or conspiracy here.

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