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From David Fraser <dav...@sjsoft.com>
Subject Re: Build system
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 16:09:50 GMT
David Fraser wrote:

> Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy wrote:
>> Given that there isn't a lot of feedback on this list, and given that I
>> can't think of any changes/additions to the code as it is right now, I
>> propose that we release it as 3.1.0 alpha with an announcement to a 
>> wider
>> audience (the other list, and may be comp.lang.python), so that it 
>> can get
>> more exposure and better testing.
>> Grisha
> Sounds great... While we're at releasing 3.1 alpha...
> I'm trying to build modpython latest CVS for Windows from source.
> However my standard build of apache 2.0.47 following
> http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/platform/win_compiling.html doesn't
> seem to produce a variety of apxs, which modpython seems to need for
> configure...
> I've got Visual C++ 6.0, so I can't simply use the mod_python.vcproj in
> src (which is for 7.0)
> I do have mingw and cygwin though
> There doesn't seem to be any documentation around on how to build
> mod_python for Windows.
> (I need to do this because I want to test with Python 2.3)
> I'm not saying we neccessarily need heaps of documentation for the Alpha
> release, but if someone can help me through it, I can test it.
> And also, that would generate some documentation itself!
> David
On a related note, would it be possible to produce a distutils-style 
setup.py that:
1) Doesn't require running configure
2) Can build mod_python.so on Windows
3) Can produce a Windows installer on Windows
4) Doesn't require Make files
5) Any of the above!
I know that configure etc make things much easier on Unix, but how many 
of the requirements for building mod_python are really neccessary?
I'm keen to help set this up if it is feasible and someone can point me 
in the right direction


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