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From Oden Eriksson <oden.eriks...@kvikkjokk.net>
Subject Re: [REPEAT] Please help test 3.1.1b
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 21:06:47 GMT
onsdagen den 15 oktober 2003 22.09 skrev Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy:
> Thanks Ville.
> Your kernel.sem says you have 128 semaphores, of which 6 must be used for
> something else as mod_python choked on the 122-nd...
> What produces the fatal error though, is not mod_python, but mod_rewrite.
> I thought I fixed this problem by freeing one semaphore if we stumble on
> trying to allocate them, but it obviously didn't work. Either something
> else needs a semaphore (and mod_python should try to free a couple
> instead of just one), or the freeing doesn't work like I thought it
> should...
> BTW "no space left" really means "no more semaphores". Don't know if this
> is a Linux-specific thing or on all of Sys V IPC, but it's rather
> unintuitive :-)

This a problem, well to many people it seems.


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