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From Peter Hawkins <pe...@hawkins.emu.id.au>
Subject 2.7.9 release missing the patch?
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 23:41:32 GMT

I'm using the debian names for the tarballs, but you can check the md5sums 
yourself to check I have the same thing.

md5sum libapache-mod-python_2.7.[89].orig.tar.gz gives this:
4d5bee8317bfb45a3bb09f02b435e917  libapache-mod-python_2.7.8.orig.tar.gz
fc8c83b310d22a75491de3c2647a0f71  libapache-mod-python_2.7.9.orig.tar.gz

But then after extracting both tarballs, running:
diff -qrN mod_python-2.7.8 mod_python-2.7.9
gives the attached diff.txt output. The only files patched by 2.7.9 are in the 
doc-html/ directory. Is 2.7.9 missing the denial of service patch it was 
supposed to contain?


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