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From "Alberto Sanchez Albarracin" <aalbarracin...@hotmail.com>
Subject os.system() doesn't work
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 21:09:12 GMT
Anybody can help me with this, i'm doing the following command:
os.system("ssh.exe -i c:\etc\ssh_host_key -l root (cp 
/usr/tmp/test /usr/tmp/test1)")
It seems to do nothing.
I did the ssh.exe in command line and it has worked
I did the same line of code in a .py program out of mod_python and it has 
worked too
But when i tried it under mod_python it doesn't do anything, no errors and 
no warnings either.
The user which apache service is started with is the same as the one i have 
logged in so by command line and py under mod_python use the same user, so 
it shouldn't be an authenticated trouble because it works in command line.
Thanks in advance...

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