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From "Michael C. Neel" <n...@mediapulse.com>
Subject RE: 2.7.9 release missing the patch?
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 15:35:30 GMT
> I'm very tempted to just say that 2.7 should not be used at 
> all, and that
> if you want mod_python, be so kind as to upgrade to httpd 2.0....

If only it was so easy...  Apache 2 came out in Feb 2002 iirc, and mp 3.0
release came out in Nov 2002.  Perl we are still awaiting on a release, and
I'm not sure about PHP - I know they support prefork, but I still think
there are issues with threads.

If you can't use a threaded mpm, there is not much reason to move to Apache
2.0 yet.  And when you have a few 100 sites, all using various apache mods
such as python, perl, php, and odd fellows like frontpage extensions,  you
don't want to move unless there is a good deal of gain - there's a lot of
code to check and rewrite!  And it's not like the clients are begging to pay
for it either.

I think as long as ASF is supporting 1.3 (bug fixes and security patches
only, no new features), then modules should also support 1.3 (again fixes
only, which is what this was).

Oddly enough though, I wasn't able to get this latest bug to occur on any of
our 1.3 boxes, so I wasn't able to test if it was fixed (or at least wasn't
sure if it did anything or not).


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