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From David Fraser <dav...@sjsoft.com>
Subject Editing Apache configuration files
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 09:51:39 GMT

I've made a stab at automatically editing the Apache httpd.conf file.
The purpose of this was to allow the mod_python installer on Windows to 
automatically add the LoadPython etc lines to the configuration file.
The module I have made also allows slightly more complex changes such as 
moving DocumentRoots, changing permissions etc.
We also use this to (at user request) make required changes to 
httpd.conf for our application

I wonder whether this would be suitable for inclusion in mod_python 
generally ...

If anyone is interested I'll post the code (apacheconf.py in 
lib/python/mod_python, its 294 lines long, and mods to win32_postinstall.py)


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