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From David Fraser <dav...@sjsoft.com>
Subject Re: Session Benchmarks
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 12:55:48 GMT
Nicolas Lehuen wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>You've done a pretty impressive work here. What surprises me is the
>O(n) behaviour on DBM and FS. This seems to mean that indexes (or
>indices, if you prefer) ar not used.
>For DBM, well, if BDB could not handle indexes, this would be big
>news. Are you 100% sure that the Berkeley implementation is used ?
>For FS, I don't know about ext3, but in ReiserFS or the Win NT
>filesystem, there are indexes that should speed up file lookups, and
>should certainly not yield a O(n) performance. Anyway, implementing
>FS2 instead of FS is not that difficult, and if it yields predictable
>results even on ext3, then we should go for it.
>As for the MySQL implementation, well, I've been promising it many
>times, but I can provide a connection pool implementation that could
>speed up applicative code as well as your session management code.
>What I would need to do is to make it mod_python friendly, i.e. make
>it configurable through PythonOption directives. Do you think it would
>be a good idea to integrate it into mod_python ?
I don't know how it could be made good performance-wise, but it would be 
great to have a generic database session store that you could pass a 
Python DB-API connection object to. Of course, that would be difficult 
to configure in the same way as the other session objects, but lots of 
apps have already got a database connection open...


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