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From Nicolas Lehuen <nicolas.leh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Solving the import problem
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 22:15:46 GMT
Nick, what do you think about apache.import_module, as it is now
and/or as I've described  before ?

Let's forget about the import hook, let's say import is for standard
modules only. What do you think about providing our users a way to
dynamically import some modules without polluting sys.modules
(remember that shared hosting exists) ?


2005/6/9, Nick <nick@dd.revealed.net>:
> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> >
> > On 09/06/2005, at 12:29 AM, Nick wrote:
> >
> >> but I just want to be clear that I don't think mod_python should
> >> install any import hooks.  That would probably be annoying to seasoned
> >> Python programmers, and really a pain in the butt for me specifically.
> >
> > Curious to know why you think this would be annoying to seasoned Python
> > programmers and a pain in the butt to yourself.
> As I mentioned before, as a programmer I would want mod_python to be an API
> for apache in Python, with no special alteration of how Python works as
> advertised in the Python documentation.  Installing import hooks bypasses
> the Python import functionality as it's documented, and in my opinion is not
> necessary to use mod_python as an API for apache.
> While it may be convenient for some people to have an import hook that will
> automagically reload a module when it changes on disk, that's *not* how
> Python works, and would be unexpected behaviour for a Python programmer.
> That's like saying that since most people want to parse the input stream as
> form data, let's automatically parse it and put it into req.form.  But
> mod_python doesn't do that.  You have to use utils.FieldStorage.
> For my own applications I take advantage of Python's internal import routine
> because it is in C and therefore much faster than any pure Python
> implementation (try benchmarking an import hook in ihooks and you'll see how
> slow it is).  I want to inspect sys.modules, and that's where I expect
> imports to go.  I don't want to bypass an import mechanism that works
> differently just to get back to Python's; that's counter-intuitive.  Plus,
> it'll make reuse a pain, because I'll have to write modules with special
> checks to see if I'm in mod_python or do something else when not.
> I just don't think default import hooks are necessary to make mod_python
> generally useful to people.  I can certainly understand people's needs for
> something more flexible than Python's stock importer when writing
> applications, and there's always an option to add a module to mod_python
> that can let people do exactly that.  I just don't want it out of the box.
> Nick

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