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From Nick <n...@dd.revealed.net>
Subject Re: glue between apache and python logging
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 13:52:15 GMT
Jim Gallacher wrote:
> Nic Ferrier wrote:
>> Hello mod_python developers.
>> I just joined this list (at the suggestion of Graham Dumpleton) to try
>> and get you guys to consider adding some glue to connect python >2.2
>> logging to Apache's logging.
>> This means adding a small extra source file to the mod_python
>> codebase. Here's my example:
> If the python logging module is meant to be the standard for logging 
> then I'm not against it.
> However I'm not sure it'll be as simple as Nic's code indicates. I don't 
> want to expand on my concerns until I have a chance to do some testing 
> but in the mean time perhaps Nic could give an example of his usage? 
> (This is a trick question. ;) )

I have done this before, and although I haven't checked this code, it is 
as trivial to do as Nic makes it appear (my code was a bit different, 
but it did essentially the same thing).  On the other hand, I'm not sure 
including this code fits with Grisha's philosophy of mod_python being 
what it is -- glue between Python and apache -- especially when this is 
such a simple exercise to anyone who has read the logging docs.


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