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From Jim Gallacher <jg.li...@sympatico.ca>
Subject Re: glue between apache and python logging
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:03:46 GMT
Nic Ferrier wrote:
> All that I asked is that a module similar to mine be included in
> mod_python's dist so that it can be available to programmers by
> default.

Yes, I understand this. I just think if the decision was made to include 
this feature it should be rock solid. I've not used the python logging 
module, but a cursory glance leads me to believe that it might be easy 
create a bad implementation.

> I've been using mod_python (via Debian) for a while and I don't know
> anything about a contrib directory. 

This is where we apply rule #6. ;) (Thanks for that Nick. It made me 

You have not heard about a contrib directory because it does not exist. 
This is just an idea we've been tossing around to address the question 
of how to accomodate new features without adding bloat and complexity to 
mod_python. (And before you get excited Nic - I am *not* suggesting your 
proposal is bloat).

> Here's a precis of my argument:
> - logging is such a common thing for many projects;
> - python has an official logging API;
> - Apache has a logging system that most people using python logging
>   will want to interface to
> - code to allow python logging and Aapache logging to be glued
>   together is trivial
> - if everyone has to write trivial logging code over and over again
>   that's a bad thing

And I agree with all these points except that I don't think it's trivial 
to get it right. In fact, that it is *not* trivial may be best argument 
for inclusion in mod_python. Having everyone write seemingly trivial 
logging code which causes mod_python memory leaks or segfaults 
ultimately reflects poorly on mod_python, even if it's the user's own 
bad code.

> Sheesh guys. This seemed like a no brainer to me.
So is that your problem or ours? :) (Note the smiley - this meant to be 


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