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From André Malo ...@perlig.de>
Subject Re: Vote on whether to integrate server side include (SSI) support.
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2006 09:25:58 GMT
* Graham Dumpleton wrote:

> Not seeing any negatives, I am going to go ahead and commit the SSI
> stuff. Comments that this is just another way to skin a cat are true,
> even if a small cat.  I guess the reason for doing it is to fill out
> those basic features that can be filled out by using just what Apache
> provides.

If that's a point, you know, what would be really great in this case? To be 
able to register own SSI handlers using mod_python instead of (or in 
addition to) this generic #python thingy, which nobody really seems to be 
able to classify/justify. Like registering a name and a callback function 
with a fixed signature.

What do you think?

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# André Malo, <http://www.perlig.de/> #

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