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From Jim Gallacher <...@jgassociates.ca>
Subject mod_python roadmap
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 01:23:21 GMT
I find I work more effectively when I have deadlines to worry about 
(being a procrastinator by nature), so I thought I'd propose the 
following roadmap.

Mar 20: 3.3-dev   - snapshot for testing
Apr  1: 3.2.9     - bugfix release
May  1: 3.3-dev   - snapshot for testing
Jun 15: 3.3-dev   - snapshot for testing
Jul 15: 3.3       - feature freeze
Aug  1: 3.3.0     - first 3.3 beta
                   - branches/3.3.x created
                   - work on trunk resumes
                   - beta cycle proceeds independent of dev work
Sep 15: 3.3.y     - 3.3 final released (hopefully)

For the development snapshots I'd just roll a tarball from trunk and 
make a call to the community for testing help. Hopefully we'll catch new 
bugs and regressions early so that the actual beta cycle will be much 
shorter. There would be *no* freeze during the snapshot tests. Work on 
trunk can continue while we wait for the test feedback.

Graham suggested a number of issues when we were considering a 3.2.8 
bugfix release. In the end 3.2.8 was a security release, but the rest of 
the list is still valid.

   The Simplified GIL Aquisition patches.
   Fixed in trunk, Jim will backport.

  Apache 2.2 patches.
  Fixed in trunk and backported to branches/3.2.x

  Support for optional mod_ssl functions on request object.
  Fixed in trunk, Jim will backport.

  DBM Session test patches.
  Fixed in trunk and backported to branches/3.2.x

  Bash 3.1.X configure patches.
  Fixed in trunk and backported to branches/3.2.x

   Make mutex directory configurable.
   Fixed in trunk, Jim will backport
   This fix depends on MODPYTHON-137.

New issues to consider for inclusion:

  Add req.server.get_options() for obtain PythonOption values set at 
global level.
  Fixed in trunk.

   Make number of mutex locks configurable at apache startup
   Fixed in trunk.
   This issue touches the same code as MODPYTHON-131. Backporting
131 will be easier if this one is included.

Any other issues for a 3.2.9 release?
(This is where Mike L. should advocate for MODPYTHON-93 - Improved 
FieldStorage. ;) )


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