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From Graham Dumpleton <grah...@dscpl.com.au>
Subject New module importer. Was: Re: mod_python roadmap
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2006 10:10:50 GMT

On 14/03/2006, at 12:23 PM, Jim Gallacher wrote:

> I find I work more effectively when I have deadlines to worry about 
> (being a procrastinator by nature), so I thought I'd propose the 
> following roadmap.
> Mar 20: 3.3-dev   - snapshot for testing
> Apr  1: 3.2.9     - bugfix release
> May  1: 3.3-dev   - snapshot for testing
> Jun 15: 3.3-dev   - snapshot for testing
> Jul 15: 3.3       - feature freeze
> Aug  1: 3.3.0     - first 3.3 beta
>                   - branches/3.3.x created
>                   - work on trunk resumes
>                   - beta cycle proceeds independent of dev work
> Sep 15: 3.3.y     - 3.3 final released (hopefully)
> For the development snapshots I'd just roll a tarball from trunk and 
> make a call to the community for testing help. Hopefully we'll catch 
> new bugs and regressions early so that the actual beta cycle will be 
> much shorter. There would be *no* freeze during the snapshot tests. 
> Work on trunk can continue while we wait for the test feedback.

With the plan being to roll a tar ball on the 20th March, do people want
me to incorporate the new module importer or not, such that it will be
included in this snapshot and be available for testing?

For background on the new importer see:


and follow links given there to articles I have written or started
writing and all the JIRA issues.

The code for this is all ready, it just needs to be committed into the
subversion repository.

Note that just because the code would be part of the source code does
not mean it will be used. Specifically, the code has been set up at the
moment so the existing importer will still be used unless you explicitly
configure mod_python to use the new importer. If you want to try the new
module importer, you will be able to enable it for all Python
interpreter instances created, or selected ones. Only after sufficient
testing and tweaking as necessary, and after it has been deemed an
acceptable solution would it be properly integrated into mod_python as
the default. If people feel it isn't acceptable, it would be stripped
out of code and someone else can have a go with coming up with a
better alternative.


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