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From "Graham Dumpleton" <grah...@dscpl.com.au>
Subject Re: mod_dav_python - a polite request for status
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2006 11:20:24 GMT
paulb@pirc.co.uk wrote ..
> Dear Graham,
> I am the IT manager for a City of London research company, and we are
> looking for a suitable icalendar server solution.  Your idea (and i am
> not
> certain if it has become more than an idea) for bridging between mod_dav
> and mod_python is intriguing and we have a (very) little resource for OSS,
> so I would like to know
> 1. If the project is still feasible (ie you have not tripped over the ´so
> thats why you cant/shouldnt do it´ moment)
> 2. If you are anyone else has made a start on the project and we should
> join in rather than reinvent wheels
> 3. if you do not have time and are willing to simply pass on any tips or
> code you may have.
> Any help gratefully recieved.
> ----------
> Paul Brian
> IT manager
> PIRC Ltd
> 0207 247 2323

Paul, I have bumped this onto the mod_python developers list. Can you send
any further discussion about this to the mailing list.

That said, the status of mod_dav_python is that nothing has been done. Not
even the optional functions to be exported by mod_python:


and which could then be used to implement mod_dav_python have been added.

This is in part because no one expressed any interest in wanting to pursue
the idea of writing mod_dav_python, thus putting in hooks was seen as low

If you are interested and can find others who would also be interested in
working on a mod_dav_python, then I can certainly put the hooks in, as
certainly still see it as being feasible.

Personally though, beyond giving some rough pointers of how the hooks could
be used, I don't have enough time or knowledge about DAV to be able to help
much in doing the actual work, thus success will depend on whether you can
get others interested.


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